DISTRILADAM'S VERTICAL POTS are a practical planting system designed to be used indoors or outdoors with the aim of maximizing and creating more natural spaces.

Our VERTICAL POTS are made of GEOTEXTILES which are permeable fabrics used in environmental engineering design. 

Our GEOTEXTILES are specially chosen for their high UV protection.

















-- Are easy to install — Just hang and fill with plants!

-- Come in standard modular sizes that can be used to accommodate any space

-- Can be made custom fit to your specifications.  Contact us to receive a quote on a specific project at

-- Are easy to maintain

-- Retain rain water and improve air quality

-- Actively attract dust thus reducing particulate levels

-- Provide thermal and acoustic insulation

-- Reduce energy consumption

-- Increase the humidity of the environment

-- Promote the growth of organic food

-- Produce positive psychological effects

-- Reduce the physical discomforts present in closed environments such as dry skin and respiratory irritations






MODULE I                     MODULE II

Height: 20 inches            Height: 28 inches

Width: 24 inches             Width: 16 inches

Capacity: six plants          Capacity: six plants


MODULE III                   MODULE IV

Height: 48 inches             Height: 39 inches

Width: 24 inches              Width: 32 inches

Capacity: 15 plants           Capacity: 16 inches









ZOOPOTS is our line of vertical pots for kids and those who love animals.  ZOOPOTS are a great way to bring the outdoors and love for nature into kids bedrooms and classrooms.  ZOOPOTS are an ideal tool for parents and teachers to encourage children and guide them towards a more in-depth undertsanding of ecological issues and awereness as they grow older.  

ZOOPOTS come in the following figures: penguin, cat, giraffe, fish, rabbit, geigo, dog.  









                       HOW TO INSTALL



STEP ONE: WATER PROOF YOUR SURFACE! Use plastic to cover the surface or water seal the surface to be used.  (Plastic and water sealant not included).


STEP TWO: Place the VERTICAL POT over the plastic or water sealed surface exactly where you want it located.  Drill the necessary holes (white dots in the image) through the vertical pot, the plastic and the surface.  Secure with the appropriate bolts depending on the type of surface you are using to mount your VERTICALPOT.  


STEP THREE: Fill ¼ of the pocket with soil.  (Choose plants that are adequate for the environment you are selecting. Keep in mind the plant’s light requirements.)  Transplant the plant carefully to the pocket and fill with soil.  Repeat this step for each pocket.


STEP FOUR:  Enjoy your newly planted VERTICALPOT garden.  Remember to irrigate your garden depending on the needs of the plants you selected.    




To learn more, to place an order, or to discuss a custom fit project contact us:

VIA EMAIL: or call us in the the United States at 469-998-5298. 


It is up to the purchaser to properly protect all surfaces from water exposure or water flow.  DISTRILADAM is not responsible and is to be held harmless to damage to buildings, water leakage, loss of plants, bodily harm, or any accidental damages of any kind.



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